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Activities for phonics/pronunciation practice.  Sounds of letters, stories with phonics, stress, intonation, vowel sounds. Includes pronunciation of grammar topics (past tense endings, articles—reduced sounds, etc). Also has business English pronunciation/conversation.
Lists of common words and pronunciations broken down by sounds.
Easy-to-use lists of minimal pairs (ship vs sheep, etc) with pictures.
Online list of resources for listening comprehension and pronunciation
Great compilation of pronunciation resources—word stress, intonation, homophones, rhyming, tongue twisters
Pronunciation activities and practice with audio
Long list of other online resources for pronunciation.
Phonics printable worksheets, short stories and guides; online flashcards   
Listen to short recorded speeches on various topics. Each speech comes with two transcripts. One shows the speech in formal written English, and the other highlights all of the instances in which the speaker uses more natural-sounding English.

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