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This page carries links to PDF files to help any foreign student learn more about the answers to The Citizenship Test. 

The USCIS Citizenship Resource Center offers official information on naturalization requirementsthe application, and the test, and provides some free study tools for the English test and the civics test, including audio of the 100 questions/answers and a multiple choice practice test. 

ProLiteracy Education Network offers interactive practice (with audio) for the reading and writing components of the citizenship test. 

The Citizenship Study Guide offers interactive practice with the 100 questions and the literacy test, including some audio exercises and information in Spanish. 

Ventures Arcade has interactive quizzes on the 100 questions and literacy test that include some audio. (Click on the red, white, and blue "citizenship" button, then choose the study topic you want. To get back to the beginning, click on the "menu" bar on the left.) 

CLINIC has translations of the 100 civic questions into many languages. Although most applicants take the test in English, it is useful for them to read the questions in their own language to make sure they understand what they mean. 

NewCitizen.US has information about steps you can take after becoming a citizen (such as registering to vote, getting a passport, or sponsoring family members). 

At Lynne Weintraub's SpellingCity page, you can study the words on the writing (dictation) test. Spelling City reads each word for you, spells it aloud, and uses the word in a sentence. It can generate a worksheet to help you practice writing the words. SpellingCity also uses the writing test list to make spelling games to play on line, and word puzzles to print out. When you're ready to take a test, you can listen to the words, type in the letters, and check your results. If any are spelled incorrectly, you can continue to practice and take a new test on the words you're having trouble with--until you've got them all right. 

The Minnesota Literacy Council offers a free on-line citizenship course that includes audio practice with the civics and literacy tests and videos that show beginning-level students answering personal interview questions. (Note: The practice questions here require students to read & select from multiple choice answers, and type in dictated sentences. In the real USCIS test, civics questions and answers are spoken - not written - and the writing test uses pencil and paper - no typing.)

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